Why Bocas del Toro?

The archipelago of Bocas del Toro… it’s hard to express in words why this is such an amazing place to be. The beauty of the different islands is overwhelming. The typical caribbean look and feel and the laid back people living here. There is variety of wild life to be found, amazing birds, lazy sloths, cheeky monkeys and let’s not forget the sea-life… dolphins, rays and turtles might just pass you by while looking out for the wave paddling around on your surfboard!

Hand-made sailboat, Bocas del Toro

These islands never go to sleep, there is always something to do. And for the peaceful and quiet traveler, there is always a pristine spot to find to indulge yourself in nature’s beauty.

There is a mixture of people living here from Indiginous to Jamaican locals (and everything in between), to the residents from all over the world and tourists visiting. Always someone interesting to meet! And very easy to help yourself around even if you do not speak any Spanish.

The climate is lovely! It doesn’t get cold and it doesn’t get extremely hot either!! It does rain quiet frequently, that is why all the plants are so beautiful green and healthy all around.

The waters are warm!! And amazing to surf. No suits are needed to keep your body temperature up. No brain freeze when taking a duck dive!!

Bocas island view

Off course these little island are in Panama and quite different from the life standards you are probably used to. So please keep in mind that while visiting Bocas del Toro, you might encounter power outs, water shortage, and petty theft. Always keep an eye on your personal belongings and sit back and relax when the power suddenly goes out. We will have emergency candles in the house to use, just in case.

To try and help keep our islands clean, we encourage all visitors to recycle as much as possible and be aware of your usage of plastic bags and bottles!!

Local checking the surfbreak

Photo credit: Kim Hanskamp

Do not let these minor points discourage you, we just like to make you aware of the differences so you can prepare yourself for that. Bocas is an amazing and beautiful place and most visitors immediately fall in love with it and never want to leave… So if there is a power-out or no-water-moment… do what the locals do!! Just relax and take it easy or go SURF and it will all be better when you get back 😉



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