Travel info

It is easy to reach Bocas del Toro by plain. There are flights directly from Panama city ( and from San José in Costa Rica (

Do you decide to come by bus, then you can take an overnight bus from Panama city, busterminal ALBROOK. The bus takes about 10 hours to get to ALMIRANTE and the air-conditioning is up!! So bring an extra sweater to keep you warm inside the bus.

If the bus if full and you can not book a seat, you can always take the bus to the city DAVID, this takes like 7 hours and from there jump in the ‘chicken-bus’ that goes to ALMIRANTE. This is another 4 hours.

From San José you can take a direct bus to CHANGUINOLA. This is the easiest and quickest bus connection from Costa Rica to Bocas del Toro. It takes about 7 hours and from there you will take a ‘chicken-bus’ to ALMIRANTE for another twenty minutes or so.

From ALMIRANTE you can take a one dollar taxi to the water shuttle that goes to the island. The water shuttles go between 6 am and 6.30 pm and cost between 5 and 7 dollar a person.


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