Why Choose Us

We have been in Bocas del Toro since 2010 and know our way around the islands, surfbreaks, local transportation, etc.

The surf classes will be organized by the local surf instructors and friends from the Caribe Surfschool. They stand for quality and experience. Combine that with your local surf babes coming with you on each surf session and you are in for loads of fun and inspiration during your learning surf program.

We are surfer chicks and so we know what you need! The weekly program is set to surf, train, stretch, chill, learn, dance and have fun to be experienced with a group of friends that you feel happy with having around.  The competitive attitude amongst surfers in the water is not what you will experience when joining a surf session with friends. It is completely different amongst us women… less pressure and more fun!! We know!!!

Bocas town offers lots of great restaurants, a busy night life, and wonderful creative people. Their are many artists and musicians living on this island. Besides all the natural beauty that you will see here we find this place to be one of most interesting and exciting places in all of Central America.

And let’s not forget… it’s a surfers-heaven!! So many breaks, and still not so crowded. Warm water temperatures and, with the right weather conditions, cristal clear water…

What more do you want?



Surf, Sun, Smile in Bocas del Toro, Panama! Come to BocasBabes Women Surfcamps and be a real surfer chick! Because life is better in a bikini!